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A New Look & Feel for the SAP Learning Solution

While you might have heard about the many technical benefits offered by SAPUI5 (see hyperCision’s recent blog “SAPUI5 - SAP's Go-forward UI”), the really big news is that HCLabs is actually going to enable customers using the SAP Learning Solution (“LSO”) to take advantage of the personalized, simple and responsive user experience that this technology offers.

So, how exactly are we going to accomplish this feat? If you haven’t already heard it through the grapevine, the short answer is that HCLabs is delivering the initial release of an SAPUI5 interface for the Learning Solution on April 23rd.  (Yes, that’s less than 2 weeks from today!)

But, why?  Why are we delivering this new UI, you ask? Well, there are at least a few reasons…

Our Customers Demand It

Grandpa Joe: “And here's a little gift from Grandpa George and me.”

Charlie Bucket: “I think I know what this is.” [opening the gift] “It’s RegLearn!”

Grandpa Joe: “Open it, Charlie. Let's see that new UI.”

Charlie: “Wouldn't that be fantastic?”

Mrs. Bucket: “It's not fair to raise his hopes.”

Grandpa Joe: “Nevermind. Go on, open it, Charlie. I want to see that new UI.”

Just as a physical work environment needs to be well-maintained to ensure that an employee feels motivated, the virtual environment also needs to be given its due. Employees have lots of other work to do, so when they’re able to make time to login and enroll in learning activities and job-required training to benefit themselves and your organization, they shouldn’t be “rewarded” with an outdated, unintuitive interface. Of course, it may not be a major priority to some organizations in and of itself, but when you combine this negative experience with various other day-to-day annoyances that may be encountered in the workplace, it can all add up pretty quickly and result in demotivated employees who aren’t nearly as productive as they should be.

Customer Care Really Is Our Highest Priority

Willy Wonka: “How did you like the new Learning Solution UI, Charlie?”

Charlie Bucket: “I think it’s the most wonderful interface in the whole world!”

Willy Wonka: “I’m very pleased to hear you say that, because I’m giving it to you.”

HCLabs has a long and distinguished history of providing outstanding and – comparatively speaking – inexpensive SAP HCM consulting services and solutions to clients in every industry, and we’ve been particularly focused on Learning Solution implementations and optimization since this LMS was introduced by SAP. In fact, it’s fair to say that we know LSO inside and out. We know all of its strengths and its weaknesses, and we developed RegLearn, an SAP-certified add-on for the Learning Solution, to address the weaknesses and make LSO work the way our customers want it to work. (Seriously, if LSO doesn’t do what you need it to do, you really should contact us.) Meanwhile, SAP will continue to support LSO for at least the next decade, but they have decided against investing heavily in its future development. And, since they have no plans to deliver a new UI, who better than HCLabs to step in and give LSO users what they want?  We’re simply including the new UI within the RegLearn enhancement “pipeline” to our customers that we’ve already established.

The Cloud (or Custom Development) Isn’t For Everyone

Mrs. Teevee: [as her company considers the cloud] “I think I’m going to be sick!”

Willy Wonka: [handing something to Mrs. Teevee] “Here, take this.”

Mrs. Teevee: “What is it?”

Willy Wonka: “RegLearn. Install it, and you can spit in seven different colors!”

Violet Beauregarde: [as she digs around in her nostril] “Spitting’s a dirty habit.”

Willy Wonka: “I know a worse one.”

HCLabs also provides solutions for SuccessFactors, but of course, we understand that not ALL customers are ready, able, or even interested in moving to the cloud. And frankly, there’s nothing wrong with LSO that can’t be – or hasn’t already been – fixed. In fact, while you may have struggled a bit here and there and finally developed some enhancements or settled on “work-arounds” to get LSO to do what you need it to do, chances are that we have already developed a complete solution that meets your requirement(s), delivered it to our RegLearn customers, and are continuing to support this add-on and the Learning Solution for them.

The Mobile Age

Willy Wonka: “It's SAPUI5. The old Learning Portal can only go up and down, but the new interface can go sideways, and slantways, and longways, and backways...”

Charlie Bucket: “And frontways?”

Willy Wonka: “...and frontways, and squareways, and any other ways that you can think of. It can take you to any functionality anywhere in the whole factory…”

We’ve all read it and heard it over and over again: the new generation entering the workforce these days expects to use their mobile devices for work, and expectations are only going to increase as those of us eyeballing retirement are eventually replaced by the newer, shinier generation. (I don’t know about your kids, but I recently spotted my high schooler typing his term paper on an iPhone! How on earth can you read that font size?!) Therefore, it’s quite clear that developing an SAPUI5 interface, which makes the Learning Portal 100% mobile for users, was an absolute necessity. Additionally, the new UI includes a lot of other powerful advantages for our customers: improved usability, a consistent UX that follows SAP’s Fiori design principles, a configurable landing page, and various new enhancements that HCLabs will continue to add.

By the way, here’s a sneak peek of the “Launchpad” that will replace the current Training Home page:

Very pretty, eh? So, as I already mentioned, the new Learning Portal UI is scheduled for release on April 23rd, and we’ll also be demonstrating it at our next RegLearn User Group meeting tentatively planned for May. Of course, if you’d like more details before then, please contact us at

In Summary…

Willy Wonka: “But Charlie, don't forget what happened to the LSO user who suddenly got everything they always wanted.”

Charlie Bucket: “What happened?”

Willy Wonka: “They lived happily ever after.”