OJT Checklist

A comprehensive SaaS Solution for recording checklists - Assess On-the-Job Training on the go!

OJT Checklist™ allows trainers to view all of the training checklists assigned to them and record assessment results as trainees perform each of the items on the checklist -- such as an on-the-job (OJT) training checklist. OJT Checklist™ is integrated with SuccessFactors LMS, allowing customers to have their data synchronized between OJT and their LMS. It’s a perfect solution to address the global needs of organizations that require the ability to train in the field.

Customers have the ability to author customer OJT lists with tailored interdependencies and groupings.


OJT Checklist™ runs robustly on the Android and iOS platforms. OJT Checklist™ is build on proven HCLabs integration technology that has matured within our flagship product, RollCall, over the last 6 years