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November 30, 2016

Webinar: RollCall: Scan and Update Training Attendance in SuccessFactors Learning

RollCall™ enables training instructors to quickly scan employee badges via their mobile device to capture and upload training attendance to their organization’s LMS, thereby eliminating the effort, paperwork, and potential mistakes associated with this typically manual process.

Listen to Solutions Manager Rich Schoeneberg's webinar to learn more about the incredible time-saving benefits of RollCall.



June 3, 2015

Webinar: A Brand New User Experience for the SAP Learning Solution!  

In this webinar, we will show you how we’ve given the Learning Portal a modern look and feel that fits smoothly within SAP’s HR Renewal user experience. In this session, you will learn how SAP clients are taking advantage of SAPUI5 enhancements now to improve the usability, functionality, and mobile capability of their on-premise Learning Solution.



March 27, 2015 

Webinar: LMS Content Solved! 

If your organization is like most others, eLearning plays a huge role in the development of your employees.  Yet, it’s also quite common for organizations to struggle with their LMS to efficiently publish, deliver and report on eLearning courses consistently. In this webinar we demonstrate how Twine™ helps solve these issues, maximizes the end user experience, and will increase your organization’s ability to accommodate ongoing changes to eLearning standards such as the Experience API (aka Tin Can). 



February 26, 2015 

Webinar: Making the SAP Learning Solution Work for Your Organization. 

In this webinar, we show how we have eliminated common SAP Learning Solution frustrations including corporate compliance issues, poor reporting and insight for managers, underuse due to poor user experience, lack of required functionality for the business, mobility issues, and more. Learn how we have solved these exact challenges for many SAP LSO clients and turned them into SAP LSO fans!