Why Packaged Solutions?

If your organization uses SAP, you’re probably aware that it can be customized to do just about anything.  It’s also likely that your organization has built up a talented group of IT professionals who can make these custom enhancements a reality.  If your IT resources understand SAP Learning, best practices for learning management, and your organization’s learning management-related processes, then it’s possible for you to eventually build all of the enhancements you need in-house.

So, this becomes a classic “build vs. buy” dilemma. Many SAP clients have chosen to buy our solutions rather than attempting to develop the enhancements they need on their own for the exact reasons that you would expect.  These clients realized that the time to develop, test, document and implement these customizations, the costs associated with deployment (both hard costs and opportunity costs), the time to market, and the limit of their in-house Learning expertise made the purchase of our solutions very easy to cost justify.

It is also important to remember that costs are not confined simply to implementing a solution.  HCLabs will maintain and enhance the solution over time to ensure that it continues to meet your requirements and functions properly as part of your SAP landscape.  In fact, expert-level support for our solutions is provided 24/7 to your organization by HCLabs as a guarantee that your investment is well-protected.