HCLabs Announces new SaaS product: OJT Checklist™

OAK PARK, IL , NOVEMBER 10th, 2019

HCLabs, a provider of software to extend the capabilities of Learning Management Solutions (LMSs), announced today the official release of OJT Checklist™, a solution for in-field recording of validating learning that seamlessly integrated with SuccessFactors LMS.

OJT Checklist enables organizations that have non-trivial on-the-job (OJT) training checklists to easily author and administrate them across their organization. The solution is ideal for sensitive manufacturing environments, hospitals, and utilities as examples. The need for a solution to facilitate recording the confirmation of demonstrations of granular activities that can flow back to a central LMS is increasingly required within many industries. A solution like OJT Checklist assists with flexibility for an organization to structure their OJT in a manner the fits their compliance requirements.


According to HCLabs Solutions Manager, Jason Ichen,  “This product meets the needs that the industry has been expecting in the area of field training. We are excited to finally get it into the hands of customers looking for such a solution. We are also happy to offer the same type of out-of-the-box integration between OJT Checklist and SuccessFactors LMS.”



HCLabs brings together technical and industry experts to provide innovative solutions to support and enhance LMS offerings related to In-Field-Training and meet the needs of an increasingly complex and regulated business environment.